Recapping social media’s reaction to the latest NFL replacement referee controversy

So if you went to bed early like me last night, you missed quite the show…

The NFL Replacement Referees made a controversial call on Seattle's "Hail-Mary" play at the end of ESPN's Monday Night Football.

The NFL Replacement Referees made a controversial call on Seattle’s “Hail-Mary” play at the end of ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

On Monday Night Football last night, the NFL replacement referees made a series of controversial calls and non-calls, culminating on the last play of the game, when they missed an offensive pass interference call by Seattle WR Golden Tate and ruled the result of the “Hail Mary” to be a touchdown, even though it appeared that Green Bay defensive back MD Jennings had control of the football over Tate. The result of the controversial call was a Seattle victory over Green Bay, 14-12.

Announcers, players, and fans alike all had plenty to say about the latest referee debacle, and the situation has dominated the day on social media. While I plan on writing a post on the NFL’s social media strategy (or lack thereof) after the incident, I want to give readers an opportunity to catch up on some of the better rundowns of the social media reactions to the NFL replacement referees mistake.

On Mashable, Sam Laird (@samcmlaird) has a gallery of some of the better Twitter responses by television personalities, professional athletes, and fans. –

On Twitter, CNBC’s social media manager Eli Langer (@EliFromBrooklyn) has a quick recap of the NFL’s bizarre Facebook status updates following the game. –

While most of the Green Bay Packers have withheld opinions on Twitter, Packers Guard TJ Lang (@TJLang70) has done the opposite, sending a series of pretty explicit tweets directed at the NFL. –

The Boston Herald has the story of a Wisconsin state senator who tweeted Roger Goodell’s office phone number. –

USA Today has a recap of the NFL’s statement following last night’s game, in which they support the call on the field of a touchdown catch by Seattle but acknowledge the missed offensive penalty call that should have ended the game and given the win to Green Bay. ––upholds-result/57840636/1

Finally, Michael Sebastian (@msebastian) has a rundown on about the NFL’s reputation problem following the latest replacement referee miscue. –

I’ll be back later this week with some thoughts on the NFL’s social media gaffe’s this year.

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